Gabriele Pasini
Scegli lingua

Gabriele Pasini is fond of working with lines and volumes, playing with widths and lengths in order to explore and innovate, delving into and developing tactile variations which do not instantly transpire, but are nevertheless crucial to building a new formalism - definitely an ongoing process. Elegance, harmony and colour. Midnight, Navy, Royal and China are the blissful blues that prevail throughout the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection but then these cool blues give way to white, natural neutrals, clay, browns, greens and a distinctive brick-red hue.

All fused with the usual patterning of the male style preserve: Glen check, houndstooth set in a check, pinpoints, lines, regimentals, pencil-stripes and ginghams. Here we are dealing with lightweight crisp wools, or more compact structured ones of remote military descent, between linen and cotton blends, weightless cashmere, Japanese shirt cloth and a thousand variations of solaro fabric; then, with a touch of magic, all of this transfers to the knits as well.