Gabriele Pasini
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Anyone who comes in contact with Gabriele Pasini's style faces a unique experience of entering into a world that is both aristocratic and contemporary, a world that reflects the character of the Modena born fashion designer.

Just like a painter starts his work from a colours palette, Pasini’s garments are created with a mix of textures and memorabilia that testify his stylistic journey and tell the story of his evolution, season after season.

Watch the video Gabriele Pasini in Modena.

Based in his Modena atelier, Gabriele Pasini proposes the vision of a new tailoring concept. The inspiration of his collections also capture the experiences gathered during his travels, offering a truly personal style, which stems from the different traditions he came across over the years and turned into his own.

Drawing strong inspiration from the dandy’s aesthetic in its more sober form, Gabriele Pasini customizes the classic shapes of men’s suits (from the three piece jacket, pants and vests, to coats and pinstripes) working on soft fits, revers and accessories all personalized with a distinctive touch.